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You are on a page, devoted to psychology.
Here you will meet information both for amateurs and for professionals.
One more purpose of this project is to popularize psychology and explain the meaning of psychology as a science and as a social phenomenon.
We are going to tell you about news in the world of psychological science and memorable dates in its history.

This time the database of psychologists of Samara is created. Probably, the database will include specialists all over Russia. Annotated references to other projects allow you to find necessary information very quickly.

Art page, worked out as a conference on literature, art and cinema themes will give you an opportunity to get  acquainted with points of view of other people and express your own opinion. Moreover, here you can find yourself in a chat, which leaders are professional psychologists.

In partition "Library", psychological texts are published. Then there you will find jokes and funny stories on psychological themes.

Nowadays psychology cannot ignore changes that happen in society. That is why we start the conference "Psychology Against Humanitarian Catastrophe". Share your opinion.

We will renovate information as soon as possible, we will find out something new, and we will be glad to accept your remarks ad wishes.

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