The 2nd Summer Psychological School

The 2nd Summer Psychological School

Samara State University, Faculty of Psychology

“Psychology of Influence”


Approximate Time: June, 22 – 29, 2001

Location: Samara State University, Samara, Russia

Working Languages: Russian, English

Head of the Summer Psychological School: E.D. Sidorenko, assistant lecturer, Psychological Department, Samara State University

Organizer: Samara State University, Faculty of Psychology



Main Idea and Principles of the Summer Psychological School:

At the basis of the tradition of summer psychological schools in Samara State University is the idea of forming a professional environment, serving to development of highly qualified experts  in the sphere of practical and theoretical psychology. To realize this idea as the basic principle of the Summer Psychological School the principle of flooding was chosen: the work is organized in the way that even free time outside the planned events is the time of professional and personal growth of the participants.


The target sociopsychological problem of the summer psychological school:

A young qualified professional finds out the discord between his theoretical knowledge and real practice. This decreases his / her professional effectiveness and motivation for professional development.


The subject of the 2nd Summer Psychological School “Psychology of Influence”: phenomenology of influence.


Purposes of the Summer Psychological School: generalize the results of research in the sphere of psychology of influence, define their importance for the development of psychological knowledge, familiarize the participants with different techniques of influence in practical psychology.


Objectives of the Summer Psychological School:

    organization of cooperation between skilled professional practical psychologists and young professionals and newcomers to the profession, psychology graduates and undergraduates, in the context of psychotherapeutic and teaching environment.

    provide good quality knowledge for the newcomers in the sphere of psychology of influence;

    provide know-how activity among the participants of the summer school;

    contribute to the development and introduction of research programs of the school participants;

    contribute to the personal and professional growth of the participants of the summer school;


Realization of the above stated objectives is provided through the following forms of activity during the Summer School:

    lectures on Psychology of Influence;

    teaching seminars (different methods of influence on an individual, group or client, etc.)

    workshops, where the participants will be able to conduct a research and get a feedback from supervisors;

    round tables, during which the participants will exchange their

    discussion groups on the topic of the Summer School.

Program of the Summer Psychological School also organizing “the team of supervisors”/ every participants, wishing to conduct his / her own workgroup or workshop, can apply to the organization committee and invite a supervisor.


Approximate schedule of the Summer School:

9:00 – breakfast

10:00 – 13:00 lecture

13:00 – lunch

14:00 – 16:00 seminars

17:00 – 18:00 work shops

18:00 – dinner

19:00 – 21:00 workshop and psychological groups

ñ 21:00 cultural psychological program


Eligibility to the Summer School:

    Undergraduate in psychology and fringe scientific areas

    Newcomers, psychology graduates, and newcomers to the fringe scientific areas.


We call for cooperation professional psychologists and experts in the fringe areas, wishing to take part in the Summer School.


Applications, questions and suggestions are to be sent to

Samara State University

Psychological Department

1, room 504, Ak. Pavlova str.

443011 Samara,




Information about the Summer Psychological School 2000 and the coming Psychological School can be found in the World Wide Web: è